318 is a number that Martin Bohm's son Jake is obsessed with in the pilot episode. This particular number continues to appear with such great frequency that it becomes obvious to Martin this is not a coincidence. 318 is also both start and the end of the Amelia Sequence


Season 1Edit


  • 3:18pm is the exact time of day each time Jake climbs the cell phone tower.
  • Jacob sets the clocks in his house to display the time 3:18, and sets a daily alarm on Martin's laptop computer to go off at this same time.
  • 318 is the district number shown on the back of the school bus.
  • The address of the Teller Institute is 318 West Tesla Street, Bronx, New York.
  • March 18th (3/18) is the date on which Martin has a second run-in with the firefighter, causing him to miss his train and therefore be in the "right place at the right time" to save the children in the overturned school bus.
  • 3:18pm is the time of day that Martin confronts the firefighter at Grand Central Station.
  • March 18th (3/18) is when the Firefighter also tried to call Martin and Jake to tell him what happened the day Sarah Bohm died.
  • 318 is the last number shown on the view counter of Kayla Graham's YouTube video.

Kite StringsEdit

  • 318 is the number located on the firefighter medallion that Martin picks up beside Sarah's tombstone.

Season 2Edit


  • 318 is the number that appears in the cipher built by Philip Green after it's activated.

Fight or FlightEdit

  • 3-1-8 es la combinación para abrir un candado del casillero de Nell Plimpton en la clínica del sueño de Aster Corps.
  • S.A.C. is the acronym of the sleep clinic S: it is the eighth letter of end to beginning in the alphabet A: it is the first letter C: it is the third letter 813, in reverse it would be 318


  • The address of Joseph Tanner's home is 318 Ridgeley Ave, Los Angeles.
  • 318 is the patient number of Martin Bohm

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