Abdul Kozari
Portrayed by
Shak Ghacha
Abdul Kozari is a Iraqi boy from Baghdad. He idolizes Chris Rock and wishes to be a comedian like him. His family runs a bakery.

When their family oven breaks and they need a new one, his friend, Tarik, suggests that they steal the oven from the restaurant, Hassam's. Abdul is skeptical since the restaurant is a hangout for terrorists, but eventually agrees because of his desperation. When they get caught though, Tarik runs and leaves Abdul to deal with the terrorists. He tells them his situation and decide to use Abdul as their human proxy bomb, in exchange for giving his family an oven. They tie a bomb around him and send him off to the town square to explode, with the viral mobile phone as the timer. Just a minute away from exploding, Kayla Graham traces and calls the phone and talks him into removing the battery, promising his family an oven, and he eventually does, and his family gets the promised oven after he calls Kayla back.