Amelia Robbins
Amelia Robbins - Touch-S2-cast-002
Amelia Robbins
Las Vegas
April 11, 1998
Frank Robbins (Father)
Lucy Robbins (Mother)
Arthur Teller (Doctor)
Portrayed by
Saxon Sharbino (Older)
Jacqueline Scislowski (Younger)
Amelia Robbins (Saxon Sharbino) is the daughter of Frank Robbins and Lucy Robbins. She was a patient of Arthur Teller and is the also the namesake for The Amelia Sequence.


Amelia was born on April 11, 1998, the daughter of Frank and Lucy Robbins.

Like Jake Bohm, Amelia had an obsession with numbers, and probabilities, formerly being one of the 36. However, she is shown to be capable of communication as shown in the episode Gyre, Part 1 but she does not do so, as she feels that it is an evolutionary speedbump. Arthur Teller pushed her too far by doing behavioral tests on her, resulting in significant damage to Amelia and to his career.

Aster Corps faked Amelia's death and she was given an assumed name. She remained in the Board and Care Facility in New York until the fall of 2012, when Calvin Norburg broke from the company and flew her to Los Angeles, where his mother lived. His mother, Frances, took an early retirement while Calvin and a collegue continued to test her abilities.

Meanwhile Martin Bohm found a lie in her autopsy report. The autopsy listed her appendix as one of the removed organs, but Amelia had her appendix removed when she was younger. The fact she was alive was covered up by Aster Corps. The case was reopened by Amelia's mother, Lucy, who believed she was still alive although her father, Frank, thought that she was dead.

Amelia is seen twice in the first season: (In Lost and Found, Arthur sees her being pushed in a wheelchair by an orderly shortly before being ordered back to his car. In Gyre, Part 1 she is on a DVD that Martin watches in Arthur's research room).

At the end of the first season, Jake leads Martin to Lucy, Amelia's mother, and they begin their quest to search for Amelia.

At the end of the second season, Martin finds Jake and Amelia in a ship, and Martin finds out that Amelia lost her ability with probabilities and is no longer one of the 36.

Memorable QuotesEdit

"I like the tides."

"Sometimes I just know things."

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