Arthur Teller
Professor Arthur Teller
Arthur Teller
60s (Deceased)
Amelia Robbins (Worked with)
Avram Hadar (Best Friend)
Maggie Miller (Daughter)
Martin Bohm (Friend)
Jake Bohm
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Professor Arthur Teller (Danny Glover) is a former psychologist and expert on children who possess special gifts when it comes to numbers, and is pressumably one of the 36 Righteous People.


Prior to the start of the series, Teller had an out-of-body experience which allowed him to see numericals and geometrics in a new, cosmic light. Doctors dismissed it as an aneurysm, but Teller felt differently and began studying about it with his daughter, Maggie Miller, and became accredited with the study in children with similar eperiences with his research funded by Aster Corps and Teller Institutes in various secluded locations, perhaps around the country, particularly Amelia Robbins with whom he discovers a certain sequence of numbers he names "The Amelia Sequence" for her. He was discredited, however, after Amelia "dies" and lost everything. After, he continued to run a one man "Teller Institute" out of his home which specialized in misdiagnosed mutism in children. He seemed very abrasive when he first answers his front door, but his tone quickly changes when he realizes he's found another gifted child. Showing his familiarity with similar situations, Teller makes a guess about Jake's cell phone tower incidents without prior knowledge.

Martin contacts Professor Teller after an internet search for "Mutism + Cell Phones" returns "Teller Institute - Cell Phones linked to Mutism." Teller becomes an invaluable friend to Martin, helping him interpret what Jake is trying to say and teaching him about it, even hoping to continue his research with Jake before his death.

Through Jake, Teller is able to discover the next number in the sequence left by Amelia. However, before he can learn more, he is discovered at Jake's institution by the staff and forcibly removed. Later, he is found dead in his car.

He was probably on of the Righteous 36.


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The address of "The Teller Institute" (His residence) is shown as 318 West Tesla Street, Bronx, New York. 318 is the beginning of the Amelia Sequence.

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"Imagine the unspeakable beauty of the universe he sees! No wonder he doesn't talk."
—Professor Arthur Teller on Jacob Bohm

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