Calvin Norburg
Calvin Norburg - Touch-S2-cast-006
Calvin Norburg
Frances Norburg (Mother);William Norburg (Brother);Tony Rigby (Friend, Former Business Partner); Vikash Nayar (New Business Partner)
Portrayed by
Lukas Haas

Calvin Norburg is a genius and a former business owner who is developing meta algorthims that use the Amelia Sequence.


Calvin Norburg and his business partner Tony Rigby sold their company to Aster Corp for $42 million. After selling their company Norburg and Rigby then continued to work for Aster Corp.

Norburg and his team has been responsible for developing complex state of the art meta algorithms that has helped Aster Corp make $40 billion. Norburg now fears that the algorithm he is working on is "the God Sequence". He beleives the algoritms is the "evolution of the species in numerical form".

Calvin Norburg wants to get out of my contract with Aster Corps because he believes that if the implementation of the meta algorithms are driven by Aster Corps desire for profit and corporate greed it'll be used by the company to create a "dystopian nightmare". Instead Calvin Norburg wants to ensure the meta algorithms are used responsibly to help end illness, cancer, despair, solve global warming, and maybe even end hunger.

According to the terms of Norburg's contract with Aster Corps, "Refusal to perform tasks listed therein will result in Mr. Norburg's removal from the company which will result in absorption of all assets acquired during the period of the term." This means that not preforming his duties in regards to his managerial and public relations responsibilities would automatically causes Norburg to lose the rights to everything he was working on during his tenure with Aster Corps. Breaking the contract will allow Aster Corps to take ownership of everything had worked on meaning he would leave with nothing.

After learning the terms of his contract with Aster Corps Norburg was forced to give a speech to Aster Corps premier shareholders. Norburg was supposed to read a speech that was prepared for him by Aster Corps off a teleprompter, but out of frustration, instead he chose to speak from the heart. Norburg spoke about the corporate greed of Aster Corps and the dystopian nightmare that he believes they are creating using the meta algorithms he was developing. This caused most of the shareholders to think Calvin Norburg had lost his mind. Consequently, Norburg's speech to Aster Corps premier shareholders helped tank Aster Corps stock prices.

After the speech, Vikash Nayar, one of the top five venture capitalists in the world became Norburg's business partner. Nayar promised to back Norburg by investing in the vision Norburg mentioned in his speech to Aster Corps shareholders. Vikash Nayar saw an opportunity in Norburg and he seized it.