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Frederick LeMay
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Frederick LeMay is an Austrian composer who was one of the savants known as the Righteous 36.


Frederick LeMay is celebrated for his signature composition Violin Concerto in F Major. The piece that Frederick LeMay wrote contains components of the numerical sequence "3-1-8-5-2-9-6-3-2-8-7-9-5"; also known as the Amelia Sequence; translated into musical notes. According to Guillermo Ortiz, "Some say it's like hearing the voice of angels." According to LeMay, "I had a gift to see how things all fit together."

LeMay disappeared into obscurity shortly after recording the Violin Concerto in F Major. While LeMay was a talented musician he chose to abandon his musical career and became a baker at a bakery he opened in Brussels instead.

Guillermo Ortiz killed LeMay at the bakery. Ortiz kills LeMay the same way he kills all of his victims, by catching his victims off guard and quickly severing an artery in their throat with the knife hidden in the necklace around his neck.

After LeMay is murdered by Ortiz, Ortiz finds music sheets, possibly unpublished pieces of music composed by LeMay.

LeMay's obituary quoted LeMay saying, "My music is my lone prayer for the world. If I leave nothing else behind, it will have been worth it."

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