Guillermo Ortiz
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Guillermo Ortiz
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 Guillermo Eduardo Ortiz was an extreme religious zealot, one of the Righteous 36, and a serial killer. He murdered anyone who is able to see numbers, patterns, and connections associated with the numerical sequence; also known as The Amelia Sequence. He believed the 36 Righteous Ones have strayed from God's Plan for them.


Guillermo claims to be a priest of the Jesuit order of the Instituto Filosófico Maria de Gracia.

Ortiz believed that the 36, the people who see the numerical sequence known as the Amelia Sequence, speak with the Voice of God. According to Ortiz, people who speak with the Voice of God are vessels chosen by Him, destined to deliver His message. Those who fail to use their gift to serve what he believes is the Will of God have committed a blasphemy against God. As he stated, "Each of us has his own path to God. Destiny. Preordained. It's a mortal sin to deny it." To him these people, who fail to use their gift, are getting in the way of God's will and, thus, must be removed from His "path". This is why he murders his victims. 

Ortiz claims that he himself also has the ability to see the numerical sequence known as the Amelia Sequence. His ability to see the sequence allows him to distinguish those born with the ability to see the Amelia Sequence from average citizens. 

Ortiz carries a necklace with an image of The Tree of Life on it. To Ortiz the Tree of Life represents the perfection of the universe and it may also represent the Path to God. This necklace hides a small blade that Ortiz uses to kill all his victims by severing an artery between the victims' shoulder and neck, causing them to bleed to death, and does so with surprising speed and accuracy, catching his victims off guard.

Ortiz also carries a dossier which appears to contain the photos of his present and future targets. Jake Bohm's photograph has been shown to be included in that dossier.

It has been suggested that Jake is somehow aware of Ortiz's activites. After the murder of Frederick LeMay half a world away, the scene quickly shifted to Jake gasping in surprise and breathing heavily, suggesting his awareness.

In the episode Ghosts, Ortiz attempts to kill Jake, but was delayed when Jake tried to talk some sense into him. Ortiz reveals that he had a wife and a child who died on the day Jake was born, and blames God for taking them away from him. He and Martin then struggle until Martin shoots at Ortiz until he falls off the building. He was briefly thought to be dead, but Ortiz was wearing a bullet-proof vest underneath his clothing.

Some time later, he targets Nell Plimpton as she gets ready to study a stone with ancient hieroglyphics until Jake, Amelia and Martin intervene. He later committed suicide by slitting his own throat in the St. Matthew's University chapel after apologizing to Jesus about not being able to find the Nest of Seven. Jake then takes the Tree of Life dagger after he sees Ortiz dead.

Later when employees of Aster Corps are arrested, Avram gives the dagger Ortiz had carried to Martin to assign him as the "protector of 36".


The Righteous 36Edit


  • Father Esteban - Priest
  • Various people at Breakwire, including
    • Reuben Santiago, Breakwire employee & hacker
    • Reuben's date
    • Dutch
  • Unnamed man hired to find Jake and Martin Bohm
  • Business man at airport - Killed for his car to follow Nell Plimpton
  • Possibly others

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