Season 1, Episode 11 & 12
Air date May 31, 2012[1]
Written by Carol Barbee &
Robert Levine (Part 1)
Tim Kring & Rob Fresco (Part 2)
Directed by Nelson McCormick (Part 1)
Greg Beeman (Part 2)
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"The Road Not Taken"

"Gyre" is the two-part finale of the first season of Touch. It originally aired on FOX in the United States on May 31, 2012.


In Part 1 of the season finale, Aster Corporation increases their interest in Jake, and Martin joins forces with Abigail as the stakes of Jake's custody escalate. When Avram reiterates to Martin that Jake and Amelia, a presumed dead girl with similar characteristics as Jake, are connected, Martin sets out on a passionate mission to uncover the truth. Meanwhile, circumstances intensify when Lucy enters the picture and seemingly unrelated events are tied together.

In Part 2, Martin loses custody of Jake, and hurriedly makes plans to leave the state. Avram helps Martin and Jake escape the city to a bus terminal, where they collide with Randall Meade, who gives them his new, unregistered car in which they head west to California, eventually ending up on the Santa Monica Pier in Los Angeles, where they meet Lucy, Amelia's mother.



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