Darryl (Ex-Boyfriend)
Paolo (Boyfriend)
Portrayed by
Amelia Rose Blair
Natalie is a girl who hosts a series of video blogs and decides to reunite a couple, Celeste and Paolo, on the former's birthday.


Natalie appears in the episode Noosphere Rising. Natalie hosts her own series of video blogs from her site. Her boyfriend Darryl decides to leave her, and she travels to Europe where she comes across a flash drive containing a recording Paolo made for his girlfriend, Celeste. However, the recording will never get to Celeste since it went missing. Natalie urges her fans to find Celeste and reunite them, starting an "I Believe In Love" campaign where they will all wear red and travel to the location of their date on her birthday. The campaign is almost halted after Darryl insults Natalie over it causing her to become emotional and crying on one attempt for a video blog, but after support from all of her fans, she is happy again. Simon's phone that had traveled all over the world ends up with a fan who finds a recording that Celeste had made for Paolo. When Natalie gets to New York, she finds all of her fans have traveled to support her, and Paolo shows. He reveals that he came to New York for Natalie and not Celeste, since Natalie's support and campaign touched him. At the end of the episode, Paolo and Natalie are shown drinking out of the same glass with drinking straws.

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