Noosphere Rising
Season 1, Episode 7
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Air date April 26, 2012[1]
Written by Tim Kring & Carol Barbee
Directed by Gywneth Horder Payton
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"Lost and Found"
"Zone of Exclusion"

"Noosphere Rising" is the seventh episode in the series' first season, and aired on April 26, 2012.


Martin attempts to find Teller's mysterious workshop and winds up aiding another professor, Logan, to win big at poker. Meanwhile, a young Italian man creates a viral video to track down the love of his life, whom he only met in passing, and a city slicker who plans to sell off his dead father's ranch, winds up learning a lesson from a horse that makes him appreciate the rural life his father chose. Then, Martin's sister-in-law, Abigail Kelsey, visits Clea and Jake at the board-and-care facility, much to Martin's dismay.


Kiefer Sutherland as Martin Bohm

Gugu Mbatha-Raw as Clea Hopkins

David Mazouz as Jake Bohm

Deidrie Henry as Maggie Miller

Catherine Dent as Abigail Kelsey

Roxana Brusso as Sheri Strepling

Eyal Podell as Professor Logan Coteweiler

Alan Blumenfeld as Poker Player

Sean McGowan as Devon Michael Jones

Amelia Rose Blaire as Natalie

Alberto Frezza as Paolo

Angela Gots as Stacey

Robert Pike Daniel as Zeke

May Miyata as Miyoko

Satomi Okuno as Izumi

Bart McCarthy as Constable

Christopher May as Unfriendly Man

Ondrej Habinak as Player #1

Joan Wong as Player #2

Brian Groh as Player #3

Jeremy Luke as Dealer

Allegra Carpenter as Celeste

Arturo del Puerto as Jorge

Natalie Lander as College Girl

Matthew Troy Litrell as Gay Man #1

Phil Hellmuth Jr. as Black Cap

Anastasia Theresa Brandt as Waitress

Pete Benke as Gay Man #2

Alexandra A. Sushkova as Natalie Fan #1

Akanni Ayo as Natalie Fan #2

Michael Swinehart as Natalie Fan #3

Danny Glover as Arthur Teller (archive footage)