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Roxana Brusso


Roxana Brusso

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Touch (TV series)
Sheri Strepling

Entanglement(2012)… Sheri Strepling– Safety in Numbers(2012)… Sheri Strepling 2009-2012Southland (TV series)
Detective Alicia Fernandez– Fallout(2012)… Detective Alicia Fernandez– Integrity Check(2012)… Detective Alicia Fernandez– Sideways(2011)… Detective Alicia Fernandez– Cop or Not(2011)… Detective Alicia Fernandez– The Winds(2011)… Detective Alicia FernandezSee all 11 episodes »2011Law & Order: LA (TV series)
Ava Ruiz– East Pasadena(2011)… Ava Ruiz 2010Wizards of Waverly Place (TV series)
Julie Cucuy– Alex Gives Up(2010)… Julie Cucuy 2007-2008Dirty Sexy Money (TV series)
Maria the Maid / Maria– The Organ Donor(2008)… Maria the MaidThe Verdict(2008)… Maria the MaidThe Birthday Present(2008)… Maria the MaidThe Lions(2007)… Maria– Pilot(2007)… Maria 2008Criminal Minds (TV series)
Lidia– Tabula Rasa(2008)… Lidia 2008Jericho (TV series)
Texan Doctor– Patriots and Tyrants(2008)… Texan Doctor 2007Bones (TV series)
Parole Officer Erica Davis– The Knight on the Grid(2007)… Parole Officer Erica Davis 2007Cold Case (TV series)
Abby Santos– Thick as Thieves(2007)… Abby Santos 2007NCIS (TV series)
Noemi Cruz– Angel of Death(2007)… Noemi Cruz 2006Dr. Vegas (TV series)
Reporter– For Love or Money(2006)… Reporter 2006Huff (TV series)
Ms. Esposito– Black Shadows(2006)… Ms. Esposito 2006Desperate Housewives (TV series)
Maternity Nurse– Everybody Says Don't(2006)… Maternity Nurse 2006Faceless (TV movie)
Tita 2005ER (TV series)
Mari Hinojosa– Only Connect(2005)… Mari Hinojosa 2004NYPD Blue (TV series)
Narcotics Officer Nina Turley– I Like Ike(2004)… Narcotics Officer Nina Turley 2004LAX (TV series)
Pushy Mother– Thanksgiving(2004)… Pushy Mother 2004Without a Trace (TV series)
Nurse Amanda– American Goddess(2004)… Nurse Amanda 2003The Division (TV series)
Patty Clark– Diagnosis(2003)… Patty Clark 2003Cradle 2 the Grave Vanessa's Nanny 2002Resurrection Blvd. (TV series)
Myrna– Esperando Lagrimas(2002)… Myrna 2001Crossing Jordan (TV series)
Nanny Officer– Sight Unseen(2001)… Nanny Officer 2000Time of Your Life (TV series)
Potential Investor– The Time They Found a Solution(2000)… Potential Investor 2000City of Angels (TV series)
Nurse Julie Sanders– Bride and Prejudice(2000)… Nurse Julie Sanders 2000A Family in Crisis: The Elian Gonzales Story (TV movie)
Arianne 2000Shasta McNasty (TV series)
Receptionist– The Sugar Pill(2000)… Receptionist 2000Growing Up Brady (TV movie)
Pam the Assistant 2000Sharing the Secret (TV movie)
Kerri Gold, Beth's Therapist 2000Diagnosis Murder (TV series)
Alma– Two Birds with One Sloan(2000)… Alma 1999Simpatico Checkout Girl 1999Good vs Evil (TV series)
Heat Cone Woman– Gee Your Hair Smells Evil(1999)… Heat Cone Woman 1999Crusade (TV series)
Crew Member #1– Racing the Night(1999)… Crew Member #1 1998L.A. Doctors (TV series)
ICU Nurse– Leap of Faith(1998)… ICU Nurse 1997Beverly Hills, 90210 (TV series)
Alana– Toil and Trouble(1997)… Alana (as Roxanna Brusso) 1997Melrose Place (TV series)
Melanie– No Time for Sperm Banks(1997)… Melanie