Lucy Robbins (Friend)
Kazuko Osugi (Aquaintance)
Portrayed by
Ian Gomez
Wade is a man who builds a tent at a local beach and collects various debris from the shore. Although at first he seems to be taking advantage of the merchandise, he really has a good heart.


In Gyre, Part 1, he attempts to run Lucy Robbins off of the beach by insisting that the beach is his and that his tent is private property. Inside, he has various merchandise collected from the beach and it seems he is selling it on the internet. After Lucy accuses him of having no shame, he says that he has plenty of it and goes back inside his tent, having a breakdown. Wade tells Lucy the story of what he went through during the tsunami: Wade was in a local mall when the tsunami hit, but grabbed on to a railing for safety. Also on the railing was a Japanese woman named Kazuko Osugi. Wade attempted to talk to her about his everyday life so that she wouldn't focus on the storm around her, even though she probably didn't understand him. After six hours, she slipped off the railing and Wade was rescued and went back home to Seattle, Washington. Wade didn't feel like himself and instead went to the beach where he collected debris from the tsunami and posted it online to find its' owners. After Lucy figures out the logo on a katana in his shelter matches the swordholder that a woman in a news report is hold, Wade quickly calls her up and the woman turns out to be Kazuko. Wade helps Lucy on her journey to find Amelia Robbins by telling her that the tsunami changed the tide course so she could be at another location.

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